300 — 390 A. D.

While perhaps nothing is known about how Macarius came into the experience of entire sanctification, “The Fifty Spiritual Homilies of Macarius the Egyptian,” dating back to about 300 — 390 A. D. seem to indicate that the writer was experimentally acquainted with heart purity.

Writing of one who yearns “to be filled with the Spirit,” and of what the Lord does for such, he says:

“He [the Lord] delivers him from his enemies and from indwelling sin, filling him by the Holy Spirit. So, afterward, he does all of the Lord’s commandments with authenticity, without compulsion or drudgery. Or, rather, the Lord does his own commandments in him, and then the man bears purely the fruits of the Spirit.”

In another place Macarius writes:

“If God has done such a marvelous work in rescuing us from the grasp of unrighteousness in our conversion, how much more firmly may we believe him to deliver us from the power of sin completely, in this life.”

Wesley was especially influenced by Macarius and included a portion of the Homilies in his Christian Library, vol. 18.

Source: “Exploring Christian Holiness” by Paul M. Bassett and
William M. Greathouse