James Auxford Myers


On November 23rd about 8:30 in the evening, God called Rev. James Auxford Myers to his reward. Brother Myers was a faithful minister of the Gospel. He was saved at the age of 14, but in his young life he backed up and lost out. However, he was reclaimed in 1942 and was sanctified August 15th the same year and called to preach. He was ordained as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene in 1947, and served in that church for 12 years. God helped him and he built congregations, and also built a beautiful church building near Jasper, Alabama. In 1956 when the Bible Missionary Church was formed, he was one of the first men to step out under the stars to go with the young Bible Missionary Church.

Brother Myers was a man of deep conviction and a man who loved God with all of his heart. He was married to Martha Brown on May 23, 1936, and God blessed this union with a son, James Auxford, Jr. Brother and Sister Myers were a wonderful team and worked together, serving in the ministry. They were good singers and were a great blessing to the Bible Missionary Church. Brother Myers was one of the greatest bass singers that it was ever my privilege to hear.

Brother Myers had a wonderful influence in the community in which he lived, and he went back to this community from Anderson, Alabama, to help form the Bible Missionary Church. He pastored at Jasper from the time it was organized until 1960. He also served as District Moderator of the Southeastern District for the Bible Missionary Church. He organized several churches and was loved and appreciated by the people on the District. Under his leadership the church bought the first property in Jasper, which they later sold and then bought the church and parsonage that is now the property of the Bible Missionary Church. Certainly Brother Myers was a servant of God.

He left his wife and son, his mother, several brothers and sisters and loved ones, and a host of friends to mourn his going, but we know where he is. He no doubt made it into that City to receive the reward of a servant. The funeral was conducted in the Bible Missionary Church at Jasper, and a large crowd attended the funeral. Rev. H. L. Ray, “his pastor had charge of the service, and it was my duty to preach the funeral. God gave me the text, “Moses, my servant, is dead.” As Moses was a faithful servant, so Brother Myers was a faithful servant of God. We praise God for his life and his ministry. We are going to miss this faithful servant from among our ranks. He was one of our officers who served in the front lines, but he has fallen in battle. God has called him home, and we are looking forward to that day when Jesus comes and we will meet him again. He was not only a faithful servant of God, but a faithful father and loving husband, a dear son, a good friend, a faithful minister of the glorious Gospel of the Son of God, and a close friend of the writer.

He died a comparatively young man, being only 50 years old, but God knows best, and his work on earth was done so God called him to his reward. way God bless Sister Myers and Junior and the family. Let us all remember them in our prayers at this time. — Elbert Dodd, General Moderator

Source: “The Missionary Revivalist, January 1962”