H. C. McBride


Bro. H. C. McBride of New York: “I became a minister when I was seventeen years of age, starting in at a school house on the corner of my father’s farm, and had one hundred and fifty souls converted in nine weeks. Praise God! A number of them entered the ministry, and a good many have gone to heaven. Soon after that, I entered the Philadelphia Conference, and Alfred Cookman took me under his wing. In Spring Garden St. Church I was gloriously sanctified, and I am going through on that line. (“Amen!”) I have no family but my wife, and she being in sympathy with my work, sings with me, as Sister Harris does with her husband. For twelve years I have been doing evangelistic work from Canada to Chicago, and God has wonderfully blessed me in this work. I am glad to be here. I have enjoyed this convention very much. Pray for me that the Lord will keep me humble, and make me more useful in His cause.”

Source: “Echoes of the General Holiness Assembly” by S. B. Shaw