George A. McCulloch


Through reading The Banner of Holiness, the name of Rev. W. B. Colt was seen as a holiness evangelist, and he was invited to come to Texas for some meetings, the first one was at Ennis, September 20, 1877, where the Wallace Band were put out of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. At this meeting Rev. George A. McCulloch was sanctified, that mighty Scotchman who for years was presiding elder, and a mighty campmeeting preacher in the Free Methodist church. Here holiness took a firm root, and there were gathered about these despised people a few men who knew no defeat and would preach their convictions if the stars fell. This kind of men pushed the battle for God and holiness until Texas became the battle field for holiness for the next ten years; while the fight was strong, and great persecution waged, dozens of great campmeetings were established, and were attended by thousands of people; while at almost every camp there were not less than one hundred, and often several hundred, people swept into the experience at one of these campmeetings.

Source: “Pioneer Days In The Holiness Movement In The Soutwest” by C. B. Jernigan