Elmer E. Michael


In the year 1930 one of the last of the old-time holiness bands pitched a tent on a vacant lot two blocks above the Nazarene Church (the Collier Band). I attended that revival regularly and on the last Saturday night of the meeting I answered the call of God to be saved and was gloriously converted. The next morning, by the old kitchen stove, I witnessed to my mother what God had done for me. My father heard my testimony from the next room and came in and we had a rejoicing time together. Two months later I answered the call to Holiness, went to the altar, consecrated my all to Him who saved me, and God in sanctifying power cleansed my heart from inbred sin and filled me with His indwelling Presence, which holds good to this present day. All glory to His holy name!

God called me to preach shortly after, and I preached my first message at the invitation of my pastor on a Sunday night, preaching from Proverbs 28:1-13. I was nervous and scared, but the first verse gave me strong support: “The wicked fleeth when no man pursueth, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” To add to my encouragement, three souls were saved that night.

I had been sickly all my life, due to a fall I had when a baby just learning to walk. In the Spring of 1931 God miraculously healed my body and to this day I have never had a recurrence of that trouble. I owe Him much, but can pay so little; but my all is in His hands. I was appointed supply pastor of my home church in the Fall of 1931, and in that term of service for my Master my three brothers were saved and sanctified, and in a Sunday afternoon baptismal service I had the privilege of baptizing my brothers and sister, my mother and grandmother, along with about ten others. ALL GLORY AND PRAISE BE TO GOD, FOR HE IS WORTHY!

Source: “My Testimony” By Elmer E. Michael, From the August, 1988 Missionary Revivalist