D. N. Muller


In August, 1852, by faith I looked out of darkness and guilt, and claimed Christ as a Saviour. In August, 1865, by faith I looked out of adoption and childhood, and claimed Jesus as a Sanctifier.

Consciousness of weakness; unutterable longing for deliverance from the bonds of slavish habits and unbelief; yearning for the Will of God to be done in and through me, led my soul, by the inspiration of the Spirit, to lay all upon the altar — and with hearty will and all-embracing faith, find full salvation in Jesus’ blood. My heart says:

“‘Tis done, Thou do’st this moment save
With full salvation bless,
Redemption through Thy blood I have,
And spotless love and peace.”

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer