C. Helen Mooshian


I was growing in grace daily and was thoroughly enjoying my new life in Christ. Though I had been baptized as an infant, I felt my need of baptism by immersion. With twenty-five other candidates I was baptized in the Mystic pond in Methuen, Massachusetts. Over 1,000 spectators were present for this momentous occasion.

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost was taught as a definite work of grace, wrought in the heart of a believer, subsequent to the New Birth, through faith in Christ. After hearing a number of messages on this vital subject, I yielded my life with an unconditional surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and was sanctified wholly (1 Thessalonians 5:23). I renounced popularity, fame and selfish ambition to become His love-slave forever. At conversion, through the efficacy of the Blood of Christ, I became a citizen of heaven and was delivered from the guilt of sin. When I dedicated my life to be a soldier of the cross, involving death if necessary, I was delivered from the power and pollution of sin. In Heaven, I shall be delivered from the presence of sin. Praise God!

Source: “His Ambassador” by C. Helen Mooshian