William Lester Boone


If the church subscribes to the “suppressionistic” view of carnality within believers, then it must be accompanied by an admission THAT GOD PLANNED THE JOINT-TENANCY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE CARNAL NATURE within us from the point of regeneration to the Christian’s death. This is contrary to everything the Bible tells us about God in general and His attitude towards the carnal mind in particular. I repeat that I would not believe such teaching if I never experienced a victory and deliverance during my lifetime. If the blessed Holy Spirit had not cleansed my heart according to Acts 15:8 and 9. I would vigorously defend the doctrine and experience of heart holiness anyway and just confess to my loved ones and friends that I was a candidate and a seeker. I hope that you either believe this also or come to believe it.

The reason why it is so hard to put the golden rule into practice the reason why it seems so difficult to treat people like we would want them to treat us is because we love ourselves more than we love them. We place our interest and well-being over theirs. “Pastor, you already said that. You’re repeating yourself.” I know. It must be said over and over.

“Well, how do you get the victory over that condition?” I’m so glad that you asked that question, for there is an answer and there is a way. First of all, YOU HAVE TO GET SICK AND TIRED OF THE CONDITION. As with any thing else we get from God, as long as we are satisfied with things as they are, they will no doubt remain that way. This has nothing to do with theology or doctrine, for mere beliefs never affect behavior in themselves. It deals rather with a deep, inner heart need and the way to get it met. Both from personal experience and from a common sense standpoint, I have never believed that there can exist a spiritual hunger of heart that God will not satisfy. That would be the height of Divine cruelty. Besides, there are multiplied thousands of saints who have given clear testimony to God’s power and grace to meet all of our heart needs.

The Lord was so faithful to me, and nobody had to tell me about the doctrine of inner defilement and God’s provision through Christ to remove it. MY PERSONAL HUNGER KEPT ME SEEKING HIS FACE FOR A LIKENESS OF HIMSELF IN MY HEART. And He met my need and cleansed my heart. That didn’t give me a perfect head, but it did purify my heart. He answered my prayer of desire as I sought for a fulfillment of two of the great beatitudes in His sermon on the mount. Jesus pronounced a state of blessedness on those of His followers who were “pure in heart” and who “hungered. and thirsted after righteousness.” HE POSITIVELY PROMISED THAT SUCH PERSONS “SHALL BE FILLED.”

I know that self will rule us until God deals with it. You who listen and read, or anyone else, who wishes to contest or not believe the doctrine of heart purity, can do so until the cows come home. I know what self-rule did to me and how it robbed me of inner peace and made me think and act in horribly selfish ways. I know how desperately I hated that within me. I also know how faithfully and patiently the Holy Spirit led me to a place of trust in His atoning provision, and I know the result.

I know what a genuine pleasure it is to WANT to serve others and WANT to make others around me happy and fulfilled. I couldn’t produce on my own such an inner desire in a hundred lifetimes. We are naturally selfish. You cannot discipline that out. You cannot train or disciple that out. You cannot mature that out. It is a heart condition that must be dealt with by God’s provision, grace and power.

Source: “The Path To Grace And Greatness” by W. L. Boone