William & Catherine Booth


First Account of Two

In a letter to her parents, Catherine Booth said: “My soul has been much called out of late on the doctrine of holiness. I feel that hitherto we have not put it in a sufficiently definite and tangible manner before the people — I mean as a specific and attainable experience. Oh, that I had entered into the fulness of the enjoyment of it myself. I intend to struggle after it.”

In another letter she wrote: “William has preached on it twice … The Lord has been dealing very graciously with him for some time past. His soul has been growing in grace, and its outward developments have been proportionate. He is now on full stretch for holiness. You would be amazed at the change in him. It would take me all night to detail all the circumstances and convergings of Providence and Grace which have led up to this experience, but I assure you it is a glorious reality, and I know you will rejoice in it.”

Telling of how she entered spiritual Canaan, Catherine Booth wrote:

“When we got up from our knees I lay on the sofa, exhausted with the effort and excitement of the day. William said, ‘Don’t you lay all on the altar?’ I replied, ‘I am sure I do!’ Then he said, ‘And isn’t the altar holy?’ I replied in the language of the Holy Ghost,’ The altar is most holy,’ and whatsoever toucheth it is holy.’ Then said he, ‘Are you not holy?’ I replied with my heart full of emotion and with some faith, ‘Oh, I think I am.’ Immediately the word was given me to confirm my faith, ‘Now are ye clean through the word I have spoken unto you.’ And I took hold — true, with a trembling hand, and not unmolested by the tempter, but I held fast the beginning of my confidence, and it grew stronger, and from that moment I have dared to reckon myself dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ, my Lord.”

Source: “They Found The Secret”

* * *

Second Account — General Booth

General Booth, Captain and founder of the Salvation Army said: “Thirty-seven years ago God sanctified my soul. He cleansed my heart. He baptized me with the Holy Spirit. He revealed his Son to me and the blessing and the Blesser abide with me still. Hallelujah.”

Source: “Were The Disciples Born Again Before Pentecost?” by Arthur L. Vess