W. G. Browning


I attended the camp-meeting for Newburg District, at Warwick. Here I fell in with a dear brother in the ministry, whom I knew for years past had professed to enjoy the blessing of holiness, and whose course I had been led to observe somewhat closely. I found this was still his theme, and my heart began to hunger and thirst for full redemption in the blood of the Lamb. We had some meetings on this subject, and were led into great heart — searchings. In one of these meetings I was brought to see that I was so far consecrated to Christ as to be willing to be any thing for Him, — To go any where (i.e., somewhere), — to occupy any prominent position, or to discharge any great duty. But whether I was willing to be nothing for Christ, was the question presented to me for solution; whether, if He so willed and ordered, I was willing to be under the feet of my brethren, and kept out of sight, —

“Little and unknown
Loved and prized by God alone.”

Here I saw I had stumbled, and the question needed some consideration.

After looking the whole ground over, I said, “Yes, Lord.” I resolved to feel my way very carefully; and I purposed having a long talk with the brother referred to, for his advice and instruction. But, oh! the mercy of God in Christ Jesus! Before such an opportunity was afforded, and while in a meeting in the old New York Committee tent, on Friday evening, September 1, 1865, I was brought suddenly to see, that my only hope was the merits of Christ appropriated by faith. I was enabled, without any particular emotion or joyous feeling at the time, to cast myself unreservedly upon Christ, and take Him as my present and complete Saviour from all sin. The first sensation was that I had entered into the rest of faith. And now I dare not attempt any thing like a full account of what has followed this simple act of faith in Jesus, and the constant truth that I have continued to exercise since. I have had victory after victory over Satan, and have risen already into an atmosphere heretofore almost entirely unknown to me. God has favored me with some manifestations, that have, for the time, been almost overpowering, and led me to doubt whether I was in the body or out of the body. I have had seasons of great trail also, and called to live solely by faith; but these have been followed by still more glorious victories, and my soul is now rejoicing in the sweet consciousness that the blood of Jesus cleanseth from all unrighteousness.

I think I have come to see as never before, that the strength of the soul, at all times, and in every circumstance, consists in its constant and persistent trust in Christ. I have but to look to Jesus and live. The effect is seen all around me; and I think that I have accomplished really more for God, since I received the gift of power than in many years before. To Him be all the Glory!

Source: “Pioneer Experiences” by Phoebe Palmer