Tom Broad


Tom Broad was an old bachelor, about sixty years of age, and lived alone. He was worth $60,000 in Paris city property, having come to Paris in an early day and bought quite a lot of property at low cost, and it grew in value as the days went by. He was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, and some friends had sent him the Pentecostal Herald, and through it he had learned of the experience of holiness and was in prayer in his room alone when the city mission workers found him. He lived some twelve years after he was sanctified and God used him to pay most of the bills of the city mission in Paris for many years. He also gave liberally to the institutions that were raised up in the early days of the holiness movement. There are many men of wealth in our great cities like this one and Deacon Morse, of New England, whose hearts are hungry for holiness, if we could only find the consecrated workers to carry to them the glad news of full salvation. It may cost a mighty sacrifice to open the way and convince them that you really are in earnest, but this very spirit of self-sacrifice will prove to them that there is something in the doctrine of holiness.

Source: “Pioneer Days In The Holiness Movement In The Soutwest” by C. B. Jernigan