J. C. Albright


As a youth of seventeen, I was stricken with pleurisy while working on the farm and confined to the house for several weeks. For three years I had been resisting the Spirit of God and fighting a call to preach. The intensity of the conflict which raged within was largely responsible for my breakdown in health. Having exhausted the limited reading matter in the home, I picked up Bud Robinson’s Honey in the Rock and began to read his unique sermons on holiness. As I read my fear of the implications of surrender to Christ and my dread of the ministry were replaced by a great hunger for God and a desire for the beautiful experience which he described. It was only a short time until I was definitely saved in my own bedroom, and two weeks later was sanctified at Cleveland Bible Institute where I had registered to prepare for the ministry. Several years went by before I saw Bud Robinson, but the reading of his book marked a definite change in my life, and more than any other one thing, influenced me toward holiness. — J. C. Albright, Pastor, West Somerville, Mass.

Source: “Bud Robinson, A Brother Beloved” by J. B. Chapman