Duane V. Maxey

Those who may wish to easily read all of my eschatological writings from one folder, may do so by opening XTRAS –> ALL OF MY ESCHATOLOGICAL FILES subfolder on this DVD.  My comprehensive book on the subject, “HIS APPEARING AND HIS KINGDOM,” is found in a separate subfolder.

A Compilation Of Various Items — hdm2348

A Fathers’ Day Acrostic Of Stories — hdm3356

A July 4Th Potpourri — hdm1632

A Lesson From The Fall Of Kabul, Afghanistan — hdm2015

A Little Child Shall Lead Them — hdm3363

A Medley Of Various Items — hdm2441

A Memoir Of George Shadford — hdm0669

A November 1, 2007 Potpourri — hdm3309

A Poetic Christmas Sermon — hdm2499

A Poetic Potpourri — hdm3663

A Potpourri Of Eleven Items — hdm3364

A Potpourri Of 54 Writings — hdm3653

A Potpourri Of Writings — hdm1548

A Time When Augustine Ran — hdm2034

A Tribute To Art Morgan — hdm2349

Accumulated Writings — hdm2595

Adam Clarke Miscellany — hdm0506

Adam Clarke’s Views On Eternal Sonship — hdm1019

An April, 2011 Potpourri Of Articles — hdm3624

Alfred Cookman’s Father — hdm0680

Arrows Of Deliverance 01-50 — hdm3668

Articles Of Faith — hdm0123

Articles On Eschatology — hdm2483

Articles On Various Subjects — hdm2258

As I See It — hdm2214

Asbury Was Right / Methodism Went Wrong — hdm0953

At The Coming In Of The Year — hdm2643

Atheists, Saved And Lost — hdm0718

Baptized With Perfect Love — hdm3652

Bascom And His Centenary Address — hdm3370

Because Of Unbelief — hdm2026

Benjamin Abbott — hdm0222

Benoni-Benjamin, The Son God Gave — hdm2031

Bennett Maxey — hdm0836

Beverly Allen (Sad/Sobering Story/Meth. Apostate) — hdm1517

Beverly Carradine Characterized As A Jekyll And Hyde — hdm2372

Biblical References To Great Men — hdm2032

Black Gold, Tried In The Fire — hdm1568

Bridges Of Gospel Truth — hdm3387

Brief Messages For Time-Limited Readers 01–50 — hdm3570

Brief Messages For Time-Limited Readers 51–100 — hdm3659

Brief Messages For Time-Limited Readers 101–150 — hdm3660

Brief Messages For Time-Limited Readers 151–200 — hdm3665

Capt. Thomas Webb — hdm0211

Carradine’s Three Visits To Our Home — hdm1500

Characteristics Of Babylon The Great — hdm2622

Charles J. Fowler (A Compilation) — hdm0844

Chicken Stories — hdm2466

Christ Catches Falling Souls — hdm3637

Christ’s Tacit Verification Of The Bible — hdm2024

Church Bell Stories — hdm2465

Created For Time And Eternity — hdm3332

Daggers Of Truth — hdm3369

Dr. Daniel Steele Opposed Premillennialism — hdm2480

Driven By The “Angel Of Light” In 1977 — hdm3626

Early M. E. Preachers (Vol. 1) — hdm0090

Eight Striking Contrasts Between Fictions And Facts  hdm3603

Eleven Articles On Various Subjects — hdm2358

Eleven Sermon Outlines — hdm3344

Eradication Of The Wrong Thing — hdm2010

Eschatological Subjects — hdm2494

Evil Hearts, Blinded Minds, And Fiery Tongues — hdm2011

Fifty Fishing Stories — hdm3308

Fifty More From My Store — hdm3655

First, Some Interesting Facts About Our Solar System — hdm3607

Five Versions Of The Simon Carlisle Story — hdm1510

Frog Stories — hdm2477

From My Storehouse — hdm3384

Fun With Palindromes — hdm2631

George Shadford, Mighty Methodist Missionary — hdm0214

German Stories From The hdm Library — hdm1572

God’s Second Best Gift To Man — hdm2637

Going In Circles — hdm2009

Guilty, But Still Innocent — hdm3614

Hampered By Conservatism — hdm3306

Happy Days Weren’t Here Again — hdm3605

Hard-Hearted Hard-Ball Vs. Heart Holiness — hdm3532

HDM Highlights, Vol. 1 — hdm0476

Her Christmas Heartache Became A Hallelujah — hdm3380

Heterogeneous Writings — hdm2456

Hezekiah Calvin Wooster — hdm0474

Hibbards Were Heralds Of Holiness — hdm2359

Hiding Place For A Spy — hdm1565

Highway Of Holiness Truth — hdm3669

His Appearing And His Kingdom — hdm0124

Holy Character Versus Handsome Charisma — hdm3494

Hoods That Will Harm You — hdm3623

How Are You Sitting? — hdm3611

How God’s Righteousness Is Like Great Mountains — hdm2020

How To Look Upon The Things Of Others — hdm2016

How We Should Give — hdm3345

Humorous And Interesting — hdm3307

Hurtful Holiness And Recreant Recreation — hdm0122

I. Parker Maxey (More Than A Brother To Me) — hdm0700

If It Comes From God It Fits! — hdm2013

Ignorance Relative To Christ — hdm1869

Illustrations From Longfellow 01 — hdm3563

Illustrations From Longfellow 02 — hdm3564

Illustrations From Longfellow 03 — hdm3565

Illustrations From Longfellow 04 — hdm3566

Illustrations From Longfellow 05 — hdm3567

Illustrative Selections — hdm0712

Illustrative Sketches From My Life — hdm0888

In Memory Of Mother — hdm2545

In The Storm — hdm3317

Instead Of The Stones Of Emptiness — hdm2646

Introducing The Other H. C. Morrison — hdm0599

A Herald Of Holiness — (Credited to I. V. Maxey) — hdm2542

It Happened At Christmas-Time — hdm1556

It Happened In The Saddle — hdm2625

James Axley — hdm1850

John Easter — hdm0621

John Stewart — hdm0620

John King — hdm0606

John Tunnell, A Name Still Living Today — hdm3400

Johnny Rebs With Good Religion — hdm1573

Joseph Benson — hdm1854

Journeyers, Not Wanderers, Roamers, Or Explorers — hdm2014

Judge & Mrs. Thomas White — hdm0615

Just As I Am — hdm1514

Last Sermons Of Past Prophets — hdm1845

Life Of Robert Richford Roberts — hdm0604

Lighthouse Stories — hdm3469

Longings Which Can Only Be Fulfilled By Christ — hdm3495

Looking Also On The Things Of Others — hdm3569

Man’s Life — hdm2017

Mary Slessor, White Mother Of Africa — hdm2638

Maxey Miscellanea — hdm2311

Maxims From Maxey — hdm2491

Memoir Of George Shadford — hdm0669

Miracles On The Gallows — hdm2023

Miscellaneous Writings — hdm2055

Missionary Revivalist Articles — hdm1799

More Selections From The Advocate — hdm0831

Napoleonic Notes — hdm1859

Nineteen Sermon Outlines — hdm3338

None Taken Out Till All Are Taken Out — hdm2647

Not Keep All, But Sell All — hdm2018

Nothing Between His Soul And The Savior — hdm3602

Oft-Quoted Lines From An Unknown Source — hdm1524

On The Horner Corner — hdm3407

On-The-Job Duty? Or Sinful Compromise? — hdm2022

Outlines — Fifteen More From My Store — hdm3348

Outlines — Nine More From My Store — hdm3350

Outlines — Twelve More From Duane — hdm3346

Patrick Henry’s Sister — hdm0611

Pearl Facts And Truths — hdm2619

Philip Gatch — hdm0608

Problems With Three Preachers — hdm3498

Prophetic Insights — hdm2220

Prophetic And Sundry Writings — hdm2476

Propinquity — hdm3610

Providential Irony — hdm1516

Providentially, God-Sent Waters — hdm1857

Raymond Cotten, Mighty In Prayer — hdm1837

Resurrected Sons — hdm2035

Revival Reports In 1818 — hdm0671

Richard Bassett — hdm0612

Richard Whatcoat — hdm0610

Robert Strawbridge — hdm0609

Robert Williams — hdm0217

Saved By A Song — hdm2175

Servant Of God, Well Done! — hdm1515

Seven Items From 2004 — hdm2399

Short Sermons For The Soul — hdm3667

Shot! Because He Forgot The Battle — hdm2012

Significant Dreams — hdm0622

Silence That Insults The Living God — hdm2021

Since Breaking This Sin Barrier — hdm3493

Six More Things From My Storehouse — hdm3397

Snake-Story Illustrations — hdm1858

Solomon, The Great Bad Man — hdm3662

Spiritual Food From Forks — hdm1860

Spiritual Reflections — hdm3670

Stories Involving Brakes — hdm3333

Stories With A Message — hdm0144

Striking Coincidences — hdm1529

Striking The Source — hdm0125

Sundry Themes — hdm2341

Sweeping Through The Gates — hdm0269

Ten More From 2004 — hdm2429

Thank God For Edith Maxey — hdm3310

The Animals Will Also Be Delivered In God’s Ark — hdm2006

The Elect Saints In The Tribulation — hdm2665

The First M. E. Church Elders — hdm0001

The Five References To The People Of God — hdm2025

The Goughs Of Perry Hall — hdm0613

The Holy Influence Of Mary Mcafee — hdm0798

The Hour Of Derision Is Nearing — hdm2008

The Importunate Intercessor — hdm3658

The Legacy Of The Guide To Holiness — hdm0717

The Life And Conversion Of A Jew — hdm0711

The M. E. Church Opposition To Second Blessing Holiness — hdm2620

The Midnight Ride Of Paul Reverse — hdm3568

The Nattering Nabobs Of Negativism — hdm3497

The Only Way A Church Can Grow — hdm3650

The Rich Man Who Died Like Lazarus — hdm2054

The Spirit’s Witness/Intangible/Inaudible/Invisible — hdm0285

The Stones Of Emptiness — hdm3508

The Story Is Told — hdm2471

The Story Of “Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight” — hdm2007

The Supernatural Comings Of The Two Adams — hdm2004

The Twelve References To The Love Of God — hdm2033

The Two Black Harrys — hdm0619

The Voices Of The Prophets Interpreted — hdm2215

There Shall Be Pestilences — hdm2005

There Was A Time When… — hdm2027

They Quoted Hymn #417 — hdm1523

They Quoted Hymn #807 — hdm1512

They Were Men In Blue — hdm1574

Thirty Articles and Sermons — hdm3651

Thomas Barber/Conversion Of Adam Clarke — hdm1601

Thomas Ware — hdm1852

Thoughts From The Life Of Harry “Kid” Matthews — hdm3622

Three More Christmas Stories — hdm3615

Three More From My Store — hdm0121

Three Temptations To Be Free From Righteousness — hdm3604

Thunderstorm Stories — hdm2482

Ticket Stories — hdm1861

Timothy Merritt, Headlight Of The Holiness Movement — hdm2409

Tis The Night Before Christmas — hdm3492

To Enter Into Christ’s Glory — hdm2600

Trusting Widows — hdm3292

Twelve Choice Christmas Stories — hdm3318

Twelve More Christmas Stories — hdm3320

Twenty Items From My Storehouse — hdm2474

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (A-Topics) — hdm1038

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (B-Topics) — hdm1039

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (C-Topics) — hdm1040

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (D-Topics) — hdm1041

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (E-topics) — hdm1042

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (F-Topics) — hdm1043

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (G-Topics) — hdm1871

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (H-Topics) — hdm1872

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (I-Topics) — hdm1873

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (J-Topics) — hdm1874

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (K-Topics) — hdm1875

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (L-Topics) — hdm1876

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (M-Topics) — hdm1877

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (N-Topics) — hdm1878

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (O-Topics) — hdm1879

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (P-Topics) — hdm1880

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (Q-R-Topics) — hdm1881

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (S-Topics) — hdm1882

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (T-Topics) — hdm1883

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (U-Topics) — hdm1884

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (V-Topics) — hdm1885

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (W-Topics) — hdm1886

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (Y-Z-Topics) — hdm1887

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (Topical Index) — hdm1888

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (Title Index) — hdm1889

2700-Plus Ser. Illus. (Numeric Index) — hdm1890

Two Dangerous Presumptions Regarding Second Coming Prophecies — hdm1535

Two More From Duane — hdm3499

Unable To Quit Building — hdm2632

Unusual Occurrences — hdm0623

Various Topics — hdm2495

Warm Lake Messages — hdm0126

We Fly Away — And Other Articles — hdm3585

Weaknesses That Adam Clarke Overcame — hdm1021

Wesleyan Methodist Memoirs In 1823 — hdm0500

What Putting On The Whole Armour Is Not — hdm2648

When Camp-Meetings Were Born — hdm3609

Where I Found An Egyptian Plague — hdm3664

Who Was Ole Bull? — hdm3331

Why Hast Thou Made Me Thus? — hdm3491

Why Perilous Times Have Come — hdm2019

Why Terror Has Struck America — hdm2003

William Black — hdm1853

William Burke — hdm1851

William Hunter’s Moving Hymn — hdm1511

William Watters, 1St Circuit Rider — hdm0215

Wrestling Jacob — hdm1513