Haunt Him with Holy Ghost Fear!


By Duane V. Maxey


        “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and THOU SHALT BE SAVED, AND THY HOUSE (Acts 16:31).

        The following which I have titled, “Haunt Him With Holy Ghost Fear!” is what I shall describe as “The Deeply and Greatly Burdened Plea of one parent for their LOST SON, WHO IS NOW, A HAPPY SINNER!”  The prayer, while being a thing that I have written, I hope will be an encouragement to every parent who is even now praying for a lost son who has, up till now at least, seemed to be A HAPPY SINNER! If that child is your daughter, simply replace the “he’s” with “she”s. — Duane V. Maxey, October 22, 2015

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        Lord, our precious son is LOST!  For a long while he went glibly along, very indifferent to Thee, and was obviously A VERY HAPPY SINNER, enjoying “the pleasure of sin,” as if there is no end of it all, and no Judgment to come — this, in spite of all of our earnest prayers for him as his parents.  Oh, how this has troubled us!  But Lord, I think perhaps you have begun to get to him.  Since he graduated from high school a year or so ago, as You know, he’s been living alone, while working at a job and attending a local, secular University.  You know how we invited him over to dinner the other night, and as he finished his meal, got up from the table, and announced that he was going to go home, RIGHT OUT OF THE BLUE, just before he went out the door he said to us, “WHY DOESN’T GOD LEAVE ME ALONE? — AND LET ME BE A HAPPY SINNER!?


        Oh God, our son’s words have greatly encouraged us!  Lord, I pray that you will so INVADE OUR SON’S THOUGHTS, that no matter WHERE he is, no matter WHAT he is doing, no matter HOW HARD he tries to shove you out of his mind, HE SIMPLY CANNOT stop thinking that if he were to die, right now, HE WOULD BE DAMNED AT THE JUDGEMENT!

        In answer to our earnest pleas, O, Lord, HAUNT HIM AT NIGHT — yea, THIS VERY NIGHT!  When he lays his head upon his pillow, cause him to DEEPLY AND GREATLY fear dying in his sleep!  Like an electric shock tingling down his spine, cause him to feel like he is, even now, dangling by a rotten rope over the Lake of Fire.  Haunt him so relentlessly with this fear that, in spite of himself, even involuntarily, he finds himself begging You, “O God, Please don’t let me die in my sleep!  Have mercy on me!  Spare me through the night, and keep me alive, so that somehow, some time soon I can get saved!”

        HAUNT HIM DURING THE DAY ALSO, O LORD! — In the midst of his studies at the university, in the midst of his most enjoyable, sinful pleasures every day, make him know again and again, he would be DAMNED IF HE SUDDENLY DIED!  Don’t let our son be A HAPPY SINNER ANY MORE, LORD!  WHAT A CURSE THIS HAS BEEN TO HIM!  Make him miserable, wretched, and so fearful of death and going to the Judgment unsaved, that he can find no enjoyment in the world — any WAY, any TIME, any WHERE!  Cause EVERY DEATH of which he hears or reads, to remind him: — “MY time is coming!  My TIME is coming!  My time IS COMING! — and I’M NOT READY!”

        Lord, Thou hast told us, in Matthew 28:18, “All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth.”  Therefore, dear Jesus, our son cannot shove you out of his thoughts.  Don’t let him do it!  On top of this, O God, our precious son CANNOT KEEP YOU FROM BRINGING THINGS INTO HIS LIFE, PROVIDENTIALLY!

        Praise God!  Dear Lord, bring THINGS into his life that will help lead him to repentance.  Also, bring PEOPLE into his life that will help point him to Christ.  He has rejected the things and ones we have tried to introduce into his life, but HE CAN’T KEEP YOU FROM BRINGING ANY THING, AND ANY ONE into his life!  So, precious Lord, I pray that you will both INVADE HIS THOUGHTS and INVADE HIS LIFE with THINGS and ONES, that will impact his life and heart toward thee.

        Lord, help US as his parents to be willing for ANYTHING to happen — either to US, or to HIM that will bring about our dear son’s Full and Eternal Salvation!  We realize that things may have to get WORSE before they get BETTER!  Help us to put HIM — and EVERYTHING necessary for you to answer this OUR EARNEST PLEA, ENTIRELY IN YOUR HANDS!  Help us to emulate Abraham of old, who took up the dagger in his hand, fully intending to plunge it into Isaac’s breast on the altar, so that YOU SHALL REVEAL our son’s Heavenly Substitute, THE LAMB OF GOD, to him!

        O Lord, IT TOOK AN EARTHQUAKE to spiritually awaken the Philippian Jailor.  Whatever GREAT SHAKING IT TAKES to awaken our son, BRING IT, O LORD, BRING IT! Then, precious Jesus, we humbly ask that Thou wilt fulfill to us also, the promise you gave that Jailor in Acts 16:31, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and THOU SHALT BE SAVED, AND THY HOUSE.”

        This we ask, O Lord, in Thy sweet and wonderful name — IN JESUS’ NAME, AMEN!”

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